The Eindhoven gym has a lot of different types of rooms and some of them have as many as 10 different machines, just for men. Some of the things that are built in here are: aCycle Workout Trainer, a treadmill, a Stairmaster, a Step 'n' Run, a Weight Room (with a single large work bench, with the use of just a few other mats and your own body weight as weights. In this room you can test how strong you are by balancing. I have done this program and I can tell you that I am strong, but also not buff. But you will see few 20-something year old guys with the strength and the endurance to do this. At the beginning we start with very light weights and we gradually add on the weights. There is a big difference between riding the cycle and going on a Velmax during the class. The Cycle rep basically is where you do thirty reps for eight sets.

The exercise we use for building our strength is called a Strengthorate. This is one that can also be used to increase your muscular endurance. We pair two or three resistance bands together and we hold them at our body's shoulder while we perform reps on the resistance bands. We match our rep counts that we do from our cycle workout in the gym. We always use very heavy weights (80-100% of our MHR max). To get the most out of this exercise you need to be in excellent condition, VERY Cuba.

Another fitness idea: go for 2 or 3 fartlek runs, but try to do them in either a track (with a head coach) or on a road with minimal people or traffic. Don't go for higher reps or longer distances. Either way you should hit between 30-40 yards approximately. This is a great idea for those who suffer from shin splints or gets bruised frequently. It will help your endurance levels during your running sessions as well, but you don't need to train twice a day. You can do these fartlek runs either afternoons or evenings or anytimes you have free time.

Along with fartlek runs, there is also another great activity that isn't quite as rigorous known as interval running. I wrote about this in "Ultimate Running Tips" and I would like to give additional tips here for better results. I'm going to say that again: go for 2 or 3 bouts of interval running, but avoid long, boring rides. Remember that during your track sessions you may get tired so go for some shorter intervals. If during your interval runs you hit your wall or your butt muscles a little too much, then sit down, stretch for however long, and then go again. Keep alternating short and long intervals and working your way up in terms of duration and intensity. Note, that your MHR (Muscle Recoveryhormth) ability is increased during the first two minutes of exercise, so go for that, but don't overdo it.

Lastly, if you train by time or distance, then do light or high intensity interval sessions where you go hard for a minute or two, then a little easier to maintain a moderate heart rate, and then go harder again and so on. You can also add resistance by carry some weights or a band to yourself potentially. This is also another good idea to help improve your recovery from a workout. These are simple, yet effectivesaving training methods that can be applied to any distance or time goal.

Hey, I'm not making sport lifting pro's famous or anything, but these are the type of ideas that help my athletes improve time and improve their performance. Is there a best way to build ultimate performance? Sure, there is something that works better for you, but the truth is, everyone is different. Try these to see for yourself and watch your performance improve. Check out the websites in the link below.

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